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The 10 Minute Showing Drill

You may receive a call requesting a showing in the next ten minutes. The decision to allow the prospective buyers in is yours. If you elect to cooperate with the showing, the following punch list may help:

  • Sound - Turn off the television. Soft classical musical is okay, but some people find it distracting.
  • Sight - Turn on overly light in the house - day and night. Every window covering should be open (unless the view is unattractive).
  • Smell - Heat a pan on the stove and drop in a few drops of vanilla
  • Kitchen - Make sure dirty dishes are out of sight
  • Bathrooms - Close toilet lids.
  • Living/Family rooms - Hide clutter, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Bedrooms - Make the beds, donít use the closet as a hiding place - try underneath the bed.
  • Exterior - Keep the walkway clear, put away trashcans and toys.
  • Children & Pets Outside - You too! Let the Realtor sell your home. If you are there the buyer may feel uncomfortable voicing objections and their Agent wonít be able to respond to these objections.